Lead and Marketing
System (LMMS)

Lead and Marketing Management System (LMMS)TMis one of Shady Grove Consulting PLC’s products designed to help organizations build their customer relationship management system from ground up. LMMS is built on several state-of-the-art technologies tailored to address customer’s needs. This 100% cloud-based solution can be delivered to customers within 3-4 weeks. High level milestones for this task include:

Conduct user stories (requirements) collection and analysis session

Create customer’s accounts on Shady Grove LLC’s Customer Relationship Management System (CRMS)

Perform data clean up and normalization

Collect potential leads from the world’s authoritative databases including LinkedIn

Develop custom lead discovery parameters

Provide lead analysis and follow up

Use the SGG platform to send marketing messages through email and social media outlets (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus) at the same time

Work with the customer to develop a tailored marketing campaign

Use the SGG digital team to develop banners and graphic solutions